Trangia cooking doesn’t get tougher than THIS

Bronze Expedition Practice part 1 next weekend, and happily for the first time we will be sharing our rural retreat campsite (fellow teacher’s field with Portaloo) with another local DofE school group. We have our first 5 of our 10 Bronze teams out, they have 3 or 4 teams to add to the mix.

So begins, or rather continues the mildly competitive banter…

Struggling to remember a time when it wasn’t cold, wet or both, so we’ll be taking our standard hospitality tent – a 6 man family barn of an outer, which can house a huddle of leaders, their stoves (yes cooking indoors – do as I say not as I do kids!) a table, and even chairs. Our leader friend from the other school has promised a guitar (don’t know if he plays?), nibbles – hoping for a full mezze, and ‘special’ cola (?!). I am planning a food brick of a cake, and maybe some mood lifting group bacon butties for Sunday morning (although being a veggie this is totally altruistic).

The main event, if I can rouse enough support, will be Trangia based Masterchef on Saturday night. One of our staff is particularly good at homemade Trangia flatbreads, so the stakes are high, but the opposition is an unknown talent. Wondering if a trio of Ainsley Harriot risottos with a jus of rehydrated onions will get me through to the next round. Time to revisit the DofE’s Outdoor Eating app? I’ll let you know how I get on…

In reality, as its first time Bronze camping, we will spend the vast majority of our camp time;

1. Tweaking tent erection techniques in the hope that by the time they get to Gold they might care about taut flies as much as we do,
2. Gently encouraging (!) them to tidy up in case it rains on their confetti of kit spread across a radius of 20 metres from their tents,
3. Standing/sitting in the hospitality tent sharing tall tales of DofE past, and sipping a stealthy ‘special cup of tea’
4. In the morning, walking casually by each team approximately every 7 minutes from when we think they should be up, until they actually leave, saying things like ‘why are you sitting doing nothing?’ and ‘watch those lone tent pegs’.

It will be interesting to watch another school’s techniques – looking forward to it!


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