Supervisors have to operate undercover at certain points on DofE, This post has its roots in a twitter exchange with @BlondesTwo, so I will start with…

Stealth weeing – I am told that as a girl, a Shewee or similar will certainly add finesse to the process, but have not mastered it yet. More shower practice required methinks. In the meantime will stick to hanging back, and dipping behind a large rock/tor/gorse bush or whatever is to hand.

Stealth Flinglish – sitting in the Fox Tor Cafe or similar establishment, hoping the windows will steam up enough to disguise you and your bacon sandwich before your expedition teams walk past in the teaming rain. Looking forward to honing this technique in a couple of weeks’ time.

Stealth shopping – managing to pop into any retail establishment in between check pointing – at the least a local shop for resupply of cake etc. but maximum points earned for outdoor shopping of any sort – in particular purchase of any item of outdoor kit surplus to basic requirements and at a bargain price. The latter most easily achieved where opportunity is highly concentrated, for example in Llanberis or Ambleside.

Stealth marking – spending time at a minibus based checkpoint trawling through some dire pile of mock exams/assignments, hoping the students will not notice the flapjack crumbs and random dead insects between the pages when you return them the following week.

Stealth comfort – the secreting of a lovely homely pillow in an innocuous looking Go Outdoors carrier bag, to be snuck from bus to tent when dusk is falling in order to provide the kind of neck support that a stuff sack full of fleece never can.

Stealth eating – similar to the pillow, the sneaking into camp of luxury ingredients such as real milk, fresh pastry products, and even fresh vegetables, whilst all the time showing the participants that you are actually surviving on reconstituted Ainsley Harriot products. Which are good, but even they wear thin after three days…

Stealth clothing – that suspiciously large duffel bag hiding at the back of the bus is in fact full of lovely clean pants and socks, whilst the participants are encouraged to recycle as much as possible over the course of their expedition.

Stealth napping – in a bivvy bag, on a rock, in a minibus, waiting waiting waiting….


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