Double D (ofE)

Well thats got you to start reading anyway, but I can’t promise any more excitement I’m afraid. It’s Wednesday night. It’s taken three days to recover from last weekend’s Bronze practice exped. By that I mean;

a) catch up on sleep – little was had on Saturday night due to the schoolgirl error of assuming that a warm day forecast would mean a cosy night. It was the coldest night on UK DofE ever for me, and even the dog didn’t help to warm the tent.

b) dry the tents. 11 of them. As all the Bronzes were straight off to work experience on Monday morning there was no way we were letting them go home with them. So my lawn and the front lawn of school temporarily took on the festival look. Luckily it was a perfect tent drying day yesterday.

c) sort my kit – which has as usual been strewn about various locations in the house airing (sleeping bag), being scrubbed (stove/mug) and washing (clothes).

It will now take the next 48 hours to prepare (amongst other normal life activities) for the repeat performance with Bronze cohort B this weekend.

Every year we have a double D(ofE) dose of weekends somewhere, squeezed by holidays, exam timetables and other school based restrictions (all of which come before our own lives on the ‘deciding on DofE dates’ list I hasten to add). And every year we say ‘why?’ as my full time colleague gets to the end of her 19 day stretch of contact with kiddlies.

I’ll let you know if we manage to come up with a justification after weekend #2!


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