5 star review

There are a lot of bloggy folk out there offering their opinions on various bits of gear, so for what it’s worth, here are three of mine. I’ll be wedging the letterbox open to allow the flood of free samples as of Monday.

B&Q plastic trowel. £3.99
Bought 4 of these a couple of years ago, and they’ve been out on many a wild camp with our Golds since. Until now I’d never really enquired as to whether they had seen any action, but I was assured by our wizards (you know who you are!) that theirs had been used on Dartmoor this last weekend. They are light, sturdy and good colour (important). The alternative is an iPood shovel from Sea to Summit, which at £24.99 I feel is a tad overpriced and based on image rather than functionality going on the reviews of that model. I just wrote iPood on ours in permanent pen.

Go Outdoors silicon pan scraper £4.95 http://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/gsi-compact-scraper-p263318
Bought in one of those moments. You know, I’m in an outdoor emporium therefore I must need to buy something. Anything. Anyway, I was after a replacement for a melted mini-spatula, and since they didn’t have one I went for this, which can flip an egg, won’t melt and fits inside not only my Trangia but also my newly assembled micro-kitchen (Pocket Rocket + minipan + minigascanister :-).

Lidls Sport Crop Top £4.99
Love Lidls. Always good for a rummage in the bargain bins, occasionally a gem is unearthed – recent treasures include a Spiderman duvet cover (happy 5yr old son), some perfectly reasonable ‘lend to a kid with dodgy knees’ trekking poles, and some very cheap Ainsley Harriot couscous for my expedition pantry bag. A few weeks ago I picked up this crop top, and within a week had returned to get a second one. Having worn it all last weekend (literally without taking it off), I can vouch for the following qualities;
a) comfort – including the sleep test – slept fine in it, only disturbed by the 3.30am ‘we’ve been surrounded and attacked by foxes’ phone call. It remained comfortable through two very warm days of pootling around various bits of the south moor after DofE teams.
b) rapid drying – went for a swim in the Dart on Saturday (needed to risk assess it for the kids, who I knew would be desperate to get in it the minute they got to camp – it was far too deep and we had no lifeguard #funpolice) and was dry within an hour.
c) hygiene – two warm days and two night’s sleep and it didn’t smell. Hurray!
d) within the realms of acceptability on bouncing.

I enjoyed that reviewing. I may do it again soon (new bell tent being used on Bronze base camp all week next week, including a birthday evening for yours truly – must iron the bunting!)


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