Post-Expedition Blues

To the tune of Johnny Cash, ‘Folsom Prison blues’

I’m back from expedition –
We’ve just been back one day.
And I can’t see no mountains, only grockles in Torbay…
I’m back from expedition, and time is draggin’ on. My tent is hung and drying, now that DofE is done.

When I’ve been supervising, on DofE for days, my head is full of route cards, there’s been no time to laze.
But I get a quiet moment, and think about it much too deep.
And now we’re back in Devon, I’ve had a massive sleep!


I’m back with normal people, who aren’t eating with a Spork,
They’re probably sleeping comf’tably, no stiffness in their walk
Well I know I had it coming, we’ve been on DofE,
But I miss the exped banter, post-exped blues catch up with me.

Well I’m missing bell tent parties,
And those 18 hour days,
I’d like to pack my rucksack and be heading out again
Back up in the mountains, that’s where I’d like to be,
And I’ll miss it all ’til next time, out on DofEeeeeee…..


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