Back to school…

…back to DofE! It’s been a great summer off following a busy expedition season. But we left Wales in July with a long list of to-do for the holidays (some of which I have done). The training and expedition dates are set, and we’re ramping up for an even busier and better year ahead.

My summer has consisted of lots of mini-hols, mostly local (who needs to go away when you live here?). The BBC have published this list of post-holiday blues, (of which only numbers 3,6,7,8,9 apply as I’m not a commuter)

Here’s my more personal list…

1. An email inbox that has been kept up to date throughout the holidays (wonders of mobile technology) but will quickly succumb to endless information about new students that I don’t teach, courses that I cannot go on, meetings that I am not invited to, and lost property that I don’t care about.

2. The dark – sunrise and sunset altering in the wrong direction by about 2 minutes each every 24 hours. Bring on Winter Solstice…

3. The routine – Monday to Friday sleep broken at some inhumane pre-7am hour, a dog that needs to trudge the streets throughout the dark cold wet mornings of winter, packed lunches, school run blah de blah de blah…

4. Being indoors. I will be outdoors more, as a result of a new Thursday based venture involving walking, people, poles and fun. However, that lovely weathered feeling after days of camping, beaching, swimming and sun is already fading. Moisturise moisturise!

5. Socks. That is all.

6. Tipping the balance – I love teaching, I love school. I don’t love working 8-5 then starting again at 7.30pm for a few hours every week night. I wish we didn’t all NEED a holiday so much when we get to the next one.

Maybe this year I’ll get the BBC’s number 6 right and be some sort of superfit-mum-teacher-DofE whirlwind in 12 months’ time. Maybe…


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