The Hills are Alive!

Since most of my DofE teams out this weekend seem to be involving music in their aim (one is re-writing Bohemian Rhapsody ‘help I lost the mapsody’ – it’s all they’ve sung for two days) I thought I’d do the same. The first one gives you an idea of my current situation…

To the tune of ‘Leaning on a Lampost
‘I’m sitting in the drizzle in the middle of the moor
In case a certain DofE group walk by…
Oh me, oh my,
I hope that DofE group walks by…’

To the tune of ‘Love Changes Everything’
‘Fog, fog changes everything,
Where’s the view gone?
This wasn’t planned
Fog, fog changes everything,
What’s your pacing?
Can’t see my hand…
Fog, fog changes everything,
Makes one k, seem like a lifetime.
Yes fog, fog changes everything,
Take a bearing
Who’s to blame?!
Nothing in the fog will ever feel, the, same!


TTTO REM’s ‘It’s The End Of The World’
‘It’s the end of the path, and we know it,
It’s the end of the path, the maps show it.
It’s the end of the path and we know it,
But we feel fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine’

To be updated….


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