Hairy tweeters!

it’s been a while, but hey, this DofE thing certainly keeps me busy. Over 200 now on the list at school, and gearing up for a new batch of Bronzes at the end of this term when they are mostly 14.  I am in negotiation for a slight change in job description, meaning more DofE (yay!) and less marking (double, actually triple yay!). Fingers crossed, we’ll see what happens.

In the meantime there seems to have been a bear  fair bit of activity on the twitter front, from Eddie the teddy, or whatever you may choose to call yours.  Check out the following for hairy updates of the ursine variety…there may be a vested interest here

@DofEEddieBear – a higher education bear…

@DofEOscar – a bear with a youth group in tow (although they think he’s following them)

@HRHDofEBear – he’s the bear about town, gets into all kinds of DofE related activities, even the magazine this quarter!


and of course @DofE for appearances by the original Eddie – often office based, but occasionally very international!


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