DofE solutions

In response to the recent buzzfeed list…

A list of DofE solutions – with suggested problems that they may aid…

Gaffer tape – sorts any hole taped both sides – a friend’s pair of yellow Ron Hills *shudder* had a sealed hole for over ten years (without changing the tape). Can also help hold rusting minibus parts on. Yes really.

Cake. No problem needed but tastes even better if there is one (and even better than that if eaten outdoors).

Cup of tea – warming if you’re cold, refreshing if you’re hot. How does that work?

Cafe (leaders only) – just so you can refresh – in case the poop hits the air conditioning device and you have to be out on your feet until midnight. It happens.

Dry socks – if only for that split second before the damp from your boots seeps through them.

Carrier bags – to prevent the problem above, and prolong the sock-based pleasure.

Sandwich bags – to keep mobile phones dry, wash kit visible,

Singing musicals – yes whole ones.

Fig rolls – figs are handy, as they can aid digestive function – clearly their effects are counteracted by much expedition food. In addition fig rolls are high in calories, and just very very nice. But why do they have sharp cut edges these days?

Pillowcase – to fill with clothes for a comfy snoozefest.

Baby wipes – 3 per day is as good as a shower in my book (pits, bits and ‘other’ covered).

Hand sanitizer – if it makes you happy (personally I don’t bother but some of my teams are a bit obsessed)

Dried mango – for conquering hills

Vice – for straightening those pesky tent pegs that bend when they hear teenagers’ voices.

More suggestions on a postcard please…


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