A DofE Diamond Challenge for 2016

Ju Gold Exped 1991Wooohoooooooo!

In 2016 DofE is 60 years old. I have been involved one way or another for 27 of those years, and although many aspects of the delivery of the award have changed slightly in that time, the basic idea remains the same.

When I completed my Gold, just before I turned 18, I remember a feeling of ‘what now’ alongside the glow of achievement. I quickly got into assessing expeditions and then leading my own group and now a large centre, but the idea of an adult award (the ‘Platinum Award’) was the subject of many a conversation with my DofE peers in the following years. Volunteering as a leader was, and is still a fabulous thing to do, but I always wished there was another award…

In 2016, we all have a chance to be involved in a new way – the Diamond Challenge. The DofE as a charity will use this anniversary as a fundraising opportunity – us challengers are invited to raise £60 (or more presumably!), whilst completing a personal, adventure or skill based (mine is all three and more!)

I will re-do my Gold Award, with slight modifications to allow for age, children and usual life stuff that did not seem to be an issue when I was in my late teens…

  • Volunteering – DofE leading and expedition assessing – will be doing this anyway…
  • Skill – crochet and felting
  • Physical – wild swimming, and developing my ‘graceful freestyle’ technique in the pool over the winter
  • Expedition – Dartmoor, some ideas in the planning, with friends and /or colleagues
  • Residential – the idea of 5 days away from work/small boys/family life seems like an enormous luxury (one which I have yet to ok with my husband)…activity to be confirmed!

Watch the blog for updates! I’m also on the lookout for a way of finding  my Gold DofE team – perhaps even a reunion…look at the picture!


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