DofE Diamond Challenge PHYSICAL started!

2016 is the 60th year of DofE, and the  DofE Diamond Challenge runs all year, for anyone to take up. Some might be choosing challenges that happen as a one off at some point in 2016, others are going for longer term option…and I am one of the latter.

My #DofEChallenge is to re-do my entire Gold DofE Award, all five sections (for details see a previous post). So today was all about getting physical – my physical activity will be a combo of running and swimming…the running gets going with a first outing with a beginners group on Tuesday…more on that later this week, but today was the wet one – and wet it was, from all directions!

We met at a pre-arranged car park in deepest Devon, and stood about a bit looking at the waves – which were sizeable enough to have drawn in a good wave of local surfers (that is the real collective noun for surfers apparently).  After faffage of an average length (not bad for wild swimmers), the signal came – Carl in some luminous green trunks – and we hurriedly changed in the pelting down rain.

P1070143P1070137Within minutes nearly 30 of us were in the sea, this side of the harbour wall, and swimming out to the end of the breakwater.  Some even dashed along to the more southerly beach for a double dip…

In this weather it was not long before the post-swim scuffle with damp vests and sandy socks ensued, and then we headed to the pub. It is a well documented fact that outdoor swimming is at a least 50% about the social, and after 8 months of swimming I can certainly add to the anecdotal evidence that swimming outdoors is great great great for my mental health as well as physical wellbeing…I arrived home full of fish finger sandwich, toasted by the pub fire, with a big grin – they are right when they say “You never regret a swim”.

It looks as if the swimming may have to become more than 50% social, as a friend and I have out eye on an event later in the year…to be continued…

So my year of #DofEChallenge is ON!

What will yours be?


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