Diamond Challenge Week 1 – Trigs, trainers and trebles.

One week done in my 12 month challenge – to re-do Gold DofE 25 years on…


Skill: Crocheting a hat this week (top done, moving down the sides), to be donated as a prize for the upcoming Buckfastleigh Ice Gala – which is part of my…


Physical: After last week’s sea swim to bring in the New Year, this week the focus has been running – the first meet of the THHN ‘Slippers to Trainers’ group was on Tuesday. A 62-strong turnout for the first session of 1 minute reps along the seafront, and then we were tasked with completing the other two runs for the week on our own, or by buddying up with others through the Facebook page. My second run was alone, very muddy, and through the woods into a field of cows (eeek!), before sneakily finding a just-out-of access trig point for Trig 1 in the #TrigAWeekChallenge2016 instigated by Aleks Kashefi, or the Barefoot Runner @BarefootAleks.  

 My aim from running is to make legging it about after expedition teams on Dartmoor and in Wales a little easier on my ageing limbs, which brings me to…

Volunteering: Any spare minute last week was used in preparation for a DofE weekend Fri-Sun.  The DofE Leader/Manager role is one that takes up some of my contracted work time, but takes many many hours on top of that as it does for thousands of other volunteer adults across the UK – this week photocopying, designing quizzes, writing session plans, counting compasses and answering repeated emails from the Golds about their food, sleeping arrangements and so on. Shopping and packing the staff food turned out to be a major task – but you have to keep your volunteers happy, and the volume of sticky brown cake consumed on Saturday was a big box ticked.

38 Golds and our 6 staff went to our favourite bunkhouse and completed a large chunk of the expedition training syllabus before tracing out routes for a practice expedition later this term. 

  Returned on Sunday with a lot of damp kit, and very tired, but a lot achieved in a concentrated space of time, including…

Expedition: This section will be hard to complete, as at some point I’ll be demanding (yet another) 4-5 days out of life as a wife/mum, in order to go and “mess about” (thankyou husband) on Dartmoor with some friends who want to do the same thing (Claire, we need to fix a date!). I am slipping this weekend’s training for Golds under the radar as my own training as well…

and finally…

Residential: Still batting ideas about – could be craft based- but not sure I want 5 days in a row. Outdoor activity – would love to do a Winter Skills course, but transport from Devon and time to get to Scotland for guaranteed snow looks like a hefty time-away-from-family tag…will keep looking…


2 thoughts on “Diamond Challenge Week 1 – Trigs, trainers and trebles.

  1. Hi, I’m currently completing my gold DofE. I am also learning to crochet as my skill. Just wondering whether you still need an assessor (I’m teaching myself from youtube), in order to have it signed off? and if so, who should I use as an assessor?
    Thank you in advance 🙂

    • You will need an assessor – someone with some expertise…what about a textiles teacher at school? Or someone who runs craft sessions somewhere – local WI, or craft shop?

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