Diamond Challenge Week 2 – a week in numbers…


Last week’s progress, rather belatedly blogged…

7 – PHOTOS #MyOutdoorFeet – I am loving this photo project that I’ve set myself on Instagram/Twitter- this week’s pics have earned me a wildswimming name (like hash runners) of ‘Daily Feet‘…

6 – Gold Expedition teams with practice route plans to be checked (around , digitalised and set off towards their route card deadline

5 – day Residential that is proving tricky – how to fit this around family life, in school holidays…ideas welcome!

4 – CROCHETED rounds of hat – about 5 more rows to the end, and then I can move onto something more entertaining than black yarn!

3 – RUNS – a week, in the C25k programme. Tuesday is group run, and the other two need doing before the following Tuesday – which comes around all too quickly…

2 – SEA SWIMS (so far) both in daylight, sunshine, and with much handstanding and diving 🙂

1 – Bronze Training day in the organising – 110 Bronzes, 7 training sessions, many many spreadsheets…






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