#DofE Diamond Challenge week 3 – LOVED it!

I properly loved this week. Went to work as usual on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, but at this end of the week cannot remember much about that. Which means that all the non-work stuff has been blotting it out, in a good way- is this the work-life balance tipping in the right direction?

DofE Gold-wise the three long-term sections have all been in action again…

PHYSICAL -swim swim swim. And run run (third run still to fit in). The Tuesday group run ramped us up to 2 minute runs, with 1 minute walks – which happily felt quite do-able on the flat paving of the seafront. Liked it.

Run 2 took me to the eastern edge of Dartmoor. After a cuppa with a friend, I’d allotted some ‘me’ time to run up a tor on the (very) long way round back home. Ascending the narrow lane up to the moor, the fog drew in until, on parking up in a gritty bay on the side of a cattle grid, the visibility was down to 30m, and the wind and rain was very much with me. Not a natural solo-walker (or runner), there were lingering feelings of wanting to go home and run on flat ground, with no possibility of meeting cattle in the mist, or falling in soggy bog. But off we went, my stripy legs and #MyOutdoorFeet, for a trigbagging, sole slurping, chilly but smiley run. Trig on top, mud both ways and COWS in the car park – unusually (perhaps because there was no-one to hide behind?) I managed to walk/run past these without crumbling mentally, and sat in the car with a flask of tea feeling like I could be like the chap who loped out of the mist and disappeared quickly in the opposite direction – give me few more months.

Not sure that Thursday morning would be most busy mums’ definition of ‘me time’, but I LOVED it!

Physical part 2 – Since last April the Devon Wild Swimmers, notably our Torbay Shoal, have broken me from the mum/wife/teacher humdrumming, and shown me the absolute fabulousness of swims in brown or blue, glassy or frothy, smooth or heaving seas. All weathers, all times of day. This week brought two events – on Friday I had the pleasure of in-the-flesh meeting twitter friend @jasonrawles on the Breakwater beach in Brixham, and extolling the virtues of this crazy immersion hobby! With water at 9.5c, he did brilliantly to get in and experience the fwaaaaar factor, whilst Mark and I did a few lengths of the beach. A sunny walk and coffee rewarded us. A great morning – meeting Jason was fab, he’s a real motivating force on Twitter, and well worth a follow. I think he enjoyed himself!? I LOVED it!

Breakwater pano

The second swim event involved penguin hats, water colder than the sea, wild swimmers in chlorine, and some excellent yet skimpy fluorescent czffqe4w0aakdhmtrunks (not mine!). After a twitter tutoring skills/share in the pub on Wednesday (during which a plan for a film festival was hatched on a beer mat – like all the best plans are) a rather cool King Penguin hat was rustled up by Mark @toughfabrics and the relay team Stepsisters 2 (there were another 2 teams of Stepsisters – all of us who swim at the Steps in Torbay) was complete. An Ice Gala – unheated pool, short races. Loved it!

SKILL – One crochet hat completed (a little last minute admittedly) as a raffle prize for said inaughatural Buckfastleigh Ice Gala, in aid of the community run pool. I love crocheting, having taught myself from YouTube videos a couple of years ago it is so satisfying being able to whip up a quick present or donation. Aiming to be more creative with it as the year goes on – the next project is in preparation for an event at the start of March, more on that next week.

Am I feeling ‘up’ because of the physical activity, or the socialising, or because the proportional effect of work has seemingly been squashed…who knows?

Thankyou to Guy (cuppa and checking me off the misty moor by text – always leave a route card folks!), Mark (for Brixham swim/penguin hat), Jackie (for twitter tutoring suggestion and film making ideas), Jason (for turning up to winter-swim, and coffee), Stepsisters 2 (for penguin team capers), and Buckfastleigh Ice Gala team. And of course my husband and boys for showing any interest at all in what I am choosing to spend my time doing – I am a happier, better mum/wife for it!

To come…

  • film festival ‘Swim Shorts’
  • night nav #Do52 with @seekingadventure
  • crochet cnidarians
  • residential plans…
  • expedition work – but not mine yet.





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