#DofE Diamond Challenge Week 4 – Double Dip and the pox!

Week 4 was frankly the antithesis of Week 3 – the work-life balance firmly tipped in the opposite direction (towards work – yuk), and add to that a case of chickenpox in eldest son.

So what have I achieved towards the #DofEChallenge in amongst the normalness of life?

Physical – ran twice, upping the length of time running to 2 minutes 30s, with shorter walks. Both runs done in horrendous conditions – but there is no such thing a bad weather, just the wrong clothing etc.etc. Tuesday’s outing in storm force conditions nearly logged as vertical swimming…talking of which…

Thursday was the only day that I can honestly say I managed much in the way of light entertainment…two sea swims! So now added to the list of things to tick off all year, is at least one Double Dip per month…

Morning sunshine and afternoon challenge – cold, wavy, windy murk!

Volunteering – Saturday and much of the lead up to it fell under this umbrella this week. 4 staff and 8 Young Leaders provided Bronze Expedition Training for 108 Y10 students, and after a lot of planning and a little panic (went to school to sort stuff out, then had to go and pick up a pox-ridden 7yo from primary school, so prep time cut short) – all went alright in the end! Couldn’t have done it without the adult volunteers and the Silver/Gold Young Leaders who are logging hours towards the Volunteering section of their awards.

More work to be done on the skill…this week, with the chicken pox blisters crusting nicely I’m hoping to spend some of Thursday felting, and preparing a crochet project to take on a half term jaunt up north…just waiting for Son#2 to start itching now!


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