My kit…reviews

Nordisk Mos Shoe (slipper!)

You can tell when you’ve got a lot of (too much?!) kit – when you walk into an outdoor shop, and the only thing that you can justify (to your long suffering, fully resigned husband) is a pair of down slippers…because “I don’t have any yet…”

A display of what appeared at first glance to be Action Man sleeping bags (in my defence, a single of each size was hung up for trying on) caught my eye. Blue, green, red and orange, pairs stashed in a handy storage bag, with compression clip arrangement as a bonus feature.  Action Man was less than impressed with his new ‘bottom half only’ sleeping bag…

On-foot (like ‘in-store’, a new piece of terminology for the modern consumer), they are just toasty. Soft micro fleece liner, elasticated ankle for snugness, and just enough downy loft to be super warm without looking like some comedy stocking filler slipper that might otherwise appear under the Christmas tree.

The Mos also come with a handy guide to what moss is (and they feel as soft as walking on it, but not at all damp, and with far less chance of slugs).   Pea green sleeping bags for #myoutdoorfeet – with bonus polar bear.

These are at the top end of a slipper budget, it has to be said. However, if I break it down it comes out as;

Wearing from November to end of Feb= 4 months (approx 17 weeks).

£25 for 2 feet = £12.50 per foot

This works out as about 70p per week, or 10p per foot per day. Living in the South-West UK does mean that I don’t wear slippers for as long in the year as people in other parts…where they would be possibly even better value.

They will be top of my kit list for Gold DofE Expedition training in our Dartmoor bunkhouse – traditionally a snowy/icy weekend in early January. I am already confident that they’ll be the subject of at least five minutes of leader-kit-comparison, and probably some low-level ridicule, based entirely on envy.

At home I’ll be wearing them in the house, and inside rubber shoes (those named unfathomably after large carnivorous reptiles, other outdoor slip-ons are available) for midnight guilt trips to feed the guinea pigs.
Go on – put them on your Santa list!