A to Z of DofE – Leaders

A is for Ainsley his couscous of course, it’s so much more tasty than Pasta’N’Sauce,

B is for bunkhouse, with pillows and beds, for showers and resting our post-exped heads,

C is for checkpoint, (see X entry below), where ‘DofE time’ seems monumentally slow,

D is for damp, which we often can be, usually staved off with a pint mug of tea,

E is for emergency, we hope they are rare, but training and practice help us to prepare,

F is for faff (see an earlier post) this cause of late teams can annoy us the most,

G is for gaffer, it’s sticky but nice. For boots, sacks and clothing a mend-all device,

H is for headtorch, I own a big stash, but my new one from Alpkit is best for its flash!

I is for injury, rubbing and chafing, usually sorted with padding and taping.

K is for kit, a much discussed thing, I am sure that I ‘need’ a new tent come the spring…

L is for laces with strawberry taste. They’re good for teambuilding, but on shoes just a waste,

M is for minibus, with kids it will fill, drive them to Dartmoor and take them up hills,

N is for noodles, though not in a pot, they’re not very good, but Bronzes like them a lot,

O is for outdoors, and getting them there, for banter and challenge in proper fresh air,

P is for pegs and the peg pixie game that means numbers back in are never the same,

Q is for Queen, often played in my bus, Bohemian Rhapsody is always a plus,

R is for rucksack, the cause of much faff, often too heavy and leading to chafe (ok, some artistic license with rhyming needed there),

S is for sheep poo, seen all the time, small round and brownish, a scatological rhyme!

T is for tent, where we like to kip, and also for trowel, for a wild loo trip…

U is for undies, how many to take? A pair for each day for team morale’s sake?

V is for visitors, who in camp will say ‘hi’ then trundle off home to the warm and the dry….

W is for wellies, on DofE not often found, but needed last year due to quagmire ground,

X is for crossroads, a good checkpoint for me, (not like ‘garage’ when it’s really a pub-check the KEY!),

Y is for yomping, but gently down hills, my wages don’t cover chiropractic bills.

Z is for zipper, on tents they go zzzzzzzzzIP, which late at night wakes us from valuable kip.

That is my list, to which I could add, but I’ll leave you to comment, for readers I’m glad!