DofE Diamond Challenge – Skill DONE! 12 months of crochet and making… 

My DofE Diamond Challenge has been a long slow burner…as HRH himself says, a DofE award is a ‘do-it-yourself tool kit for life’. And this year’s life has been different to any other in my adulthood, in large part due to deciding to do this year long replay of my own Gold Award, first completed 25 years ago. 

This week I’ll round up my year of Diamond Challenge with a blog post for each section of the award that I’ve re-completed. 

  • Wed – Skill
  • Thursday – Volunteering and Physical
  • Friday – Residential and Expedition 

Between now and Saturday I’ll do a minimum of one hour of crochet. My last hour towards the SKILL section. 12 months of crochet mainly, with a few felting attempts thrown in. I taught myself from YouTube videos a couple of years ago, and progressed from granny squares and circles, to hats and scarves but no further. So this year I’ve tried to develop stitch knowledge, pattern use and (the ultimate goal of any crafter!) actually finishing one of the many WIPs (work-in-progress) that inhabit tabletops and baskets in most rooms of our house. I have easily spent an hour a week, often more – especially if I include looking at the online inspiration-fest that is Pinterest.

Reflection – Crochet is the perfect activity for a few minutes or a few hours of getting away from it all. I love the creativity that I can have with it (never managed to get anywhere near this with that awful thing called knitting!), and the easily coverable blemishes. I can take it on holiday, on DofE expeditions (much mickey taking there), on the school run, and do it in bed! The felting is a great process, a bit like pottery in that I am not sure what it’ll actually look like until it is felted and dried. It takes longer and more kitchen table time, but is worth the effort in the end.

I shall be continuing crochet (even on DofE expeds!) and doing more felting. I am hoping to try some weaving this coming year as well. My main aim is to finish some more things…

Thankyou to anyone who has inspired me with patterns, projects and enthusiasm for what I have (sometimes) produced! 

Here are some examples of things I have made (or at least started…)

1. Basket bag – made from Nutscene garden twine and recycled leather handles. Pattern from my head after looking at many pictures – hooking that twine really toughened up my fingers! Used all the time.2. Ripple blanket (Attic 24 pattern) – long rows, my favourite colours – WIP3. Wavy cushion – pattern combined from various on the internet – WIP4. Moomin – pattern from a magazine. Got SO fed up with white yarn looking grubby and having to wash my hands every half an hour. Will come back to it. No pic – too white!

5. Lacy scarf – started a year ago. Got too long in the middle, so frogged it all back two weeks ago, and looking for another pattern. 6. Fingerless mitts – made from Lily Warne Dartmoor yarn in Bellever Blue, Bovey Blue and Dartmoor Green. A finished item, in use after chilly swims! 7. Some granny squares for a blanket made by lots of people for a friend who was ill…8. A couple of hats from chunky yarn9. And most recently a quick Yoda hat for a brand new nephew! 

10. Other – all felting projects

Felted bowls – wanted to do this for ages so just went for it. Will definitely be making more of these, I love them!

Felted cushion cover – copied/inspired by an online image – yet to become a cushion…Felt pod – not sure of purpose but one day I will make more and they will be joined into a thingy…

Loved my year of crochet, and not stopping now!