My top 10 types of sea

All the same sea, but behaving very differently…and there’ll be many others, I know! 

In at number 10…deceptively warm looking yet very icey November sea… (Devon, UK)
Sneaking in at 9 – the ‘too exciting for a swim’ sea (same beach as above); (Devon,UK)
8. Dropping from the top 5 – sparkly mirrored wavelety sea (from the inside); (Devon, UK)

New release at 7 – moody Poldarkian sea…(Cornwall, UK)
Sliding down from the top spot – now at number 6 – poetically sunlit 6am silhouettes sea; (Devon, UK)
Smashing into the top 5 – ‘seaweed where you don’t expect it’ sea…(Devon, UK)
No movement at 4 – lit by crepuscular rays, the grey but reflective sea; (Devon, UK)
Another non-mover at 3 – the ‘where exactly IS the horizon?’  sea…(Kent, UK)

At 2, an ever popular re-release, the ‘U.K. disguised as the Maldives’ sea; (Devon, UK)
And, straight to the top spot – it’s number 1 for the ‘water and sand – nature’s art’ sea…(Devon, UK). 

That’s all pop pickers!